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The Selling

I worked with Gabriel Diani, Emily Lou, and Redwood Pictures to design the opening titles and festival poster for their playfully unsettling independent horror-comedy feature, The Selling.


Style & Structure



Modern. Bold. Hand-crafted. The Selling is a film full of homages and history. We settled on a mid-century modern aesthetic for the titles and poster. In the film, the characters are especially affected by their environment and circumstance. To signal this in the credit sequence, the actual titles become a part of this environment and something with which the characters can interact. 




To help strike this modern tone, I chose the pre-Helvetica grotesque of choice: Univers Condensed. To add to the handcrafted feel, I cut out multiple versions of each letterform to reduce repetition of specific curves and angles. This added a playful, yet slightly unsettling quality to the titles, setting a mood that would be carried throughout the film.





Despite its eventful plot, The Selling is a character-driven film. Inspired in part by Ernest Pintoff's Flebus (1957), the white-painted characters in the titles are simple and distinct against their black and red environment.



Final Products


Opening Title Sequence

I animated the titles frame-by-frame with a Wacom tablet in Flash, then composited and edited in AfterEffects. 




I used a combination of Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign to produce this poster that traveled the festival circuit along with the film.