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Since the beginning of 2016, I have been the lead designer of several user-centered software and web experiences for Motorola, the iconic phone brand now owned by Lenovo. As part of Motorola's Consumer Experience Design team, I am focused on innovation, with an emphasis on camera and imaging solutions. My work has also led to my being listed as a joint inventor on a pair of patents filed by Motorola.

Moto Camera


2018 Camera redesign

In late 2017 we began redesigning the Moto Camera App with the goal of surfacing new features and making navigation more intuitive. We also needed an app that could accommodate taller 2:1 aspect ratio displays in addition to the standard 16:9.


Legacy Interface

The previous app interface was designed to be clean and simple. Settings and the Photo Gallery were hidden behind swipe gestures to keep the viewfinder as unobstructed as possible. However, with the advent of dual camera phones, users expected the interface to make these features more visible and more readily accessible.


Capturing a photo

Capturing a photo

Navigating between photo, video, and modes menu

Navigating between photo, video, and modes menu

Entering and exiting a mode

Entering and exiting a mode


New Navigation

Talk about navigation paradigm here.



2018 Design Language



Description of color strategy.

Light and dark themes were created by applying Moto colors to standard Google Material Design UI elements

Light and dark themes were created by applying Moto colors to standard Google Material Design UI elements



App icons

Description of icon strategy.



UI Animations

I was tasked with exploring ways of injecting some playfulness into the way we notify users of successful peripheral connections, such as bluetooth devices, headphones, and Moto Mods. These elements were circular to echo our homescreen widget, as well as our physical camera on the back of our devices. These elements animated in from the direction of the physical connection—the status bar in the case of bluetooth, the bottom for headphones, and the center for the magnetic Mod connection.


Moto Mods homepage

Moto Mods is a modular platform that transforms the Moto Z line of smartphones into entirely new devices. By magnetically snapping onto the back, Moto Mods can turn your phone into a boombox, a projector, a high-end camera with optical zoom, and more.

In 2016, to help explain the unique set of products, we created the "flip book", an area at the top of the page that let users swipe through both phones and mods and see how they connect. By showing the products in three-quarters and side views, we could feature the individual products while underscoring that together they created an entirely new device.



Global Navigation

Description of nav challenges (visually highlight products and simplify categories, message moto mods).




Description of Cart, Checkout, and Account page challenges and solutions.


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