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dough, inc.

I have spearheaded a variety of digital and branding projects for dough, inc. since joining the team as Art Director in 2014. dough, inc. empowers and inspires active investors at all levels through tastytrade, its financial broadcast network, and dough, its innovative and highly visual interactive trading platform.

Theo by


In late 2014 I developed the brand for the Theo by app for iPhone and Android. Theo offers an innovative way for traders to keep in-touch with their trading positions around-the-clock. It allows them to see what their brokerage account is doing when the markets rally overnight.


Custom Wordmark



App Intro Screens


Where's Bob


In late 2014 I developed the brand for the Where's Bob? app for iPhone and Android. Where's Bob? connects tastytrade users with the rest of "tastynation" — a network of trading enthusiasts and tastytrade network fanatics.


Logo & Colors


Splash screen


dough App Walkthrough


dough Character Illustrations

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